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A lifestyle that feeds the body and soul
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'You can not change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.'


- Elizabeth Edwards


A very warm welcome,

 my name is Patty and I'm delighted that you have found Yogaume. 

Yogaume (pronounced as 'yoga-you-me') is a place where I share my experience on how I balance a demanding professional career with a somewhat nomadic existence and my personal goal of a healthy lifestyle.

My love for work and travel has brought me to many beautiful places on this earth. I was born and raised in the Dutch countryside and I have a passion for everything that is Mother Nature. As a contradiction to that, I have worked for over a decade as a consultant in professional services in the Netherlands, New York and currently in Berlin.  

Yoga and meditation has been a guiding theme in my busy life, offering joy in good times and support in more challenging ones. Combined with other elements such eating fresh and spending time outdoors, it helps me to stay in touch with my intuitive nature, or reconnecting to it where necessary. Yogaume is my way of sharing my spiritual practice with you.

I would like to share with you what has helped me live a balanced life. As a licensed yoga teacher, I find home in my practice. I invite you to join my community, where I teach yoga and meditation classes, share tips on my (workout) routines, and provide tricks and favorites for living and eating healthy. 


I hope to inspire you to craft a lifestyle that works for you, and look forward to help you find balance and light in your life.  

Learn more about me, my path to yoga and my style, follow my IG and/or click here!

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My offer to you

Sharing my yoga practice with my world community in a virtual space brings me true joy and happiness. In both my professional and personal career I've always thoroughly enjoyed mentorship and guiding others. The teachings of Bhakti Yoga believe that the true nature of the eternal soul is to love / to serve, and I offer to you my virtual practice and to share the space together.

Click here to become a member of my virtual community where I share my practice through Zoom twice a week. I strive to make the classes accessible for all time zones. To accommodate those that have conflicting schedules, I provide recordings of past classes that you can take in your own time. 

Watch this video for an introduction to my classes. Surya Namaskar, or sun salutations, are an integral part of my practice.

I also create playlists for my classes that are accessible on Spotify. These are inspired by Bhakti Yoga (think: chanting and chakra sounds) but also by my love for electronic music such as deep house and my general diverse taste in music (jazz, folk, etc.). Listen to a sample below and follow my account.





Note: I don't play music in my classes in order to stay audible so you can play whatever you prefer in the background. 


My style

When I moved to New York I initially started yoga as an add-on to my regular interval and strength training. As a former gymnast, I liked the combination acrobatic elements and flexibility and my first teacher, the wonderful and inspiring April Evans, made me fall in love with yoga through her teaching style.


Today my practice is playful and powerful, and a good combination of building strength and flexibility. Here you see me practicing 'crow-into-headstand-and-back' with one of my favorite teachers Marije Horbach at her retreat in Italy.


Finding the right teacher for you is an essential part of building your practice. Read more about the importance of a teacher-student relationship and what to look for here


"I have been doing yoga, on and off, for over 10 years. In the last year I have been practicing with Patty. I deeply appreciate my time on the mat with her as I feel she understands the struggle of finding balance with a hectic job and a busy life but wanting to find the inner zen. With every practice she helps me get there. Her clear guidance, patience and eye for detail make her one of my favorite teachers. Namaste."

Kristiina K. - San Francisco

Would you like to try a private class, just like Kristiina? Book directly or get in touch here!


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Phone: +31625426182

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