Tirta Empul Bali

My path to yoga

'Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.'

- James Baldwin

I grew up on the countryside in the Netherlands, on a hobby farm, from where I got my love for the outdoors: caring for all kinds of newborn life, growing seeds and reaping the fruits of your labor in the next season. Very much a yogi lifestyle!  

Fast forward to living in New York City. A demanding job and hitting hard to break the glass ceiling (hell yeah!) made me feel on top of the world. However, when inevitable challenges in my personal life came around, I realized I was in need of something to counter balance that intensity. Something to keep me in touch with my intuitive nature. A moment in my day for contemplation and listening to that inner voice. I started practicing yoga more regularly and started a daily meditation routine. This re-established my reliance on my intuition and created a deepened connection with my femininity. 

Now that yoga had become part of my life and had gone beyond a way to move the body, I decided to really start diving in deep. I'm a trained accountant so we like getting in the detail! I was taught and trained at the beautiful Yogamaya studio in Chelsea, New York, where I graduated in 2019 as a 200h Hatha Vinyasa teacher. A place that became home and a community of unbelievably talented people.

How Yogaume was born

'To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower'

- William Blake

I am blessed in my life to have had the ability to travel to an abundant number of beautiful places. On those trips I find inspiration and joy in the beauty of nature and the different rituals and practices of various cultures. And in their cuisines! This inspires me to live a better, healthier life each day.


Most photos (if not all) you see on my website here are taken on my various trips alone, with friends, or loved ones. As a result of my 'nomadic' lifestyle I have people that are very dear to me in all corners of the world. There the idea of Yogaume (Yoga for You & Me) was born.

My classes can be described as playful, strength-building and full of excitement. I have a background as a gymnast, am a licensed interval training instructor, and have completed two Spartan Race Trifectas and all those experiences weigh into my classes. In the absence of monkey bars there will be inversions, occasional 'entanglements' and a good bit of core work. If this sounds too much for you please don't despair.


The classes are accessible to all levels as I offer different variations and funny enough my students often tell me my classes are very calming.  I enjoy adding a short meditation or yoga nidra at the end. If you have never done yoga before I also highly recommend to take some time to review and practice the Surya Namaskar basics on the home page.

I also teach private classes. If you are looking for a more personalized class, have specific goals, or perhaps just take a few private classes to learn the basics as a beginner, please get in touch and we can have an exploratory conversation on what you are looking and what I can offer. You can check out the different services here.

Salkantay mountain


Yoga is a very personal practice. Every day on your mat is different than the last. The time of day, your headspace, work, the weather, you name it and it can influence what you need that day. Finding the teacher that is the right fit for you is an important element of the joy and peace that your practice can bring to you.  I invite you to read about my practice style, my background, take a look at a few of my videos, participate in a virtual community class and reach out to me with any questions, to see if Yogaume resonates with you.

A teacher-student relationship is a very important concept in yoga. My first yoga teacher, April Evans, got me very enthusiastic about yoga because her class style was a great mix of what I had historically done for workouts (acrobatic elements from my time as a gymnast and strength-building) and sprinkling in thoughts and intentions here and there but keeping it low-key and accessible for the inexperienced yogi that I was. 

Marije Horbach, with whom I have done four retreats at her beautiful space in Italy over the course of five years, introduced me to concepts such as yin yoga and meditation. Seeing her grow as a teacher from one year to the next, constantly learning and tweaking her teaching as a result, as been a great inspiration for me. She is the most humble and beautiful soul and has an impeccable ability to make her class accessible to all levels. 

I earned my credentials at Yogamaya, New York. Before I stepped foot in the studio I had never heard of concepts such as Bhakti, chanting, the tale of Hanuman, etc. and to be honest I felt a bit awkward the first time I sat in Bryn's class and the whole room started singing Hare Krishna. But the studio with its people quickly became a place I love. My 'Illuminated Journey' class of 2019 has resulted in some life-long friendships. 

Each of us has his/her own path. I invite you to find out what road is the right one for you at this moment. I'm here to help.